Our Professional Team

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with recognised training and experience in the different areas we work.

Founder CEO

The team is headed by the founder Economist Mr. Marcos Morales Maudo, licensed: Business Administration and Management Degree from the Catholic University of Ávila – Finance Specialisation, Business Sciences Degree from the University of Salamanca.

Member of the Economists Association of Madrid No. 28,726 and REFOR-CGE, Forensic Economists Register No. 3356 of the Economists’ General Council.

Master Degree in Compliance Officer and Judicial Expert specialised in economic crimes granted by Esneca Business School.

Expert in financial markets and products, holder of the MEFF License Operator – Financial Options and Futures type III granted by the BME Institute (Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets) and member of the Economists Association of Madrid.

He has been working as a Legal Expert and Tax Advisor for years, though his worked is focused on consulting, advising and managing companies as an independent professional. He also prepares Expert Reports in the field of economics and finance.

Being a specialist in the preparation of Expert Reports on financial instruments and hybrid products, he has intervened in numerous and important legal proceedings throughout the national territory.

External Legal Consultancy

We feature legal advice to focus our Reports, this service provided by the founder of the firm IUS I LINGUA.

Mrs. Martina Atanasova Dunkova has a Law Degree from the University of Salamanca.

She belongs to the Illustrious Bar Association of Salamanca (ICASAL) nº 3313 and to the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga (ICAMÁLAGA) nº 10,654.

Master Degree in International Business Law from the University of Barcelona and OBS Business School.

Expert in Civil, Bank Law, Immigration Issues, Criminal Law and Family Law.

Legal advice in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Bulgarian.

e-mail: info.iusilingua@gmail.com

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