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Our extensive experience is proved by the numerous favourable Sentences in those lawsuits accompanied by our Expert Reports and ratification in court due to the exactitude and objectivity of our reports.


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Economic Report B.Popular Capital Increase

Consultoría Económica as pioneers in Forensic Economics. We have prepared the Expert Economic Report which is a key element to accompany the claims related to the capital increase of Banco Popular in May 2016 and for those who subsequently acquired the shares in the secondary market up to the time of the intervention.

We already have agreements with important law firms throughout the national territory that include our personalized Report as fundamental evidence while defending the interests of investors in lawsuits against the Bank.

This is an exhaustive report where both the financial information contained in the Increase Prospectus and the contractual and pre-contractual information provided to subscribers are analysed via technical-accounting perspective. All this process is meticulously examined through the study of commercial and advertising information.

Thus, the conclusions indicate that the Annual Accounts did not reflect the true image of the financial situation of the entity, the financial information of the Prospectus turns out to be incoherent and contradictory. In this sense the economic-financial data reflected in Presentation to Investors shows an unrealistic image of the Bank’s financial situation. That distorts the perception of the potential investor.

In Consultoria Económica we are at the vanguard of the banking matters case-law, preparing the best Expert Evidence that law firms require for their claims.

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