Car Cartel Expert Report

We carry out the Economic Expert Reports that certify the overprice paid by the customers of the Car Brand and Dealership Cartel. If you are a Law Firm specialised in these issues, you can contact us to offer you a personalized professional fee proposal.

Specialists in Forensic Economics

Our Expert Reports and their Ratifications have been an important key in numerous judicial proceedings throughout the national territory

Expert Detailed Analysis and Reports

We are specialised in ExpertReports on financial instruments and hybrid products, as we cover the entire family of complex products


We comprehensively manage and execute your business projects with our personalized tax, labour affairs and accounting advisory services.

Expert Analyses and Reports in the Civil and Commercial field

Specialists in Forensic Economics

Our range of ad hoc Expert Reports for different judicial procedures within the civil, commercial and bankruptcy fields have been essential key in numerous lawsuits throughout the national territory.

Car Cartel – Analyses and Expert Report

Car Cartel Expert Reports

We have thoroughly elaborated the Economic Expertise which quantifies the overprice paid by the customers. If you are a Law Firm specialized in these issues, you can contact us in order to prepare a personalized professional fee proposal for you according to the volume of customers.

cars in a parking lot

Expert Analyses and Reports on Bank Law.

Experts in Complex Financial Products

We are specialised in Expertise on hybrid and complex financial products and instruments destined to the different phases of the judicial procedure: demands, liquidations and/or to Sentences enforcement .

Business Consultancy

Tax, labour affairs and accounting advisory services

Comprehensive solution for your business projects through tax, labour affairs and accounting consulting services provided by our partners.

Our Professional Team

Multidisciplinary team of Partners and Collaborators

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals with recognised training and experience in the different areas we work.

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